History of HP

The history of the medical center “Human Potential” dates back to 1984 when psychiatrist Svetlana Lvovna Donskaya for no reason or prior expectation quit a prestigious job at the National Mental Hospital in Minsk where she had worked for the last 20 years and took up the position of an ordinary narcologist at a local medical department of the production union “Horizont”.

She already new about a “magician” - a narcologist A.R. Dovzhenko. The change of work must have been reasoned by the main goal to be a student of Dr. Alexander Romanovich Dovzhenko in Feodosia (the Crimea). Thus half a year later (in November of 1984) Svetlana Lvovna was back home having been certified as the first Dr. Dovzhenko’s student in the republic.

Svetlana Lvovna has been actively using stress combat therapy in treating addictions at a City Narcological Hospital ever since. But in 1990 the pupils of doctor Dovzhenko came together and founded an International Institute of Human Potential with its affiliate centers in Leningrad (now: St.Petersburg) and Minsk under the leadership of the Donskiye family-head – the first - class psychiatrist, MD, Dr. Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy. Meanwhile the daughter of the Donskiye – Irina Dmitriyevna is as well a doctor – a highly experienced psychiatrist, graduated from a National scientific theoretical and practical center in Feodosia with a “blessing” from doctor Dovzhenko to help addicted patients.

In the center Irina Dmitrievna used stress combat therapy to treat patients suffering from nutrition disorders (overweight, obesity).

On January 2000 according to the Republican inscription of legal entities the medical center was transformed into a medical private unitary enterprise “Human Potential”.

Since January 1, 2003 the UE “Human Backup Potentials” has been situated at the address: Minsk, Logoysky trakt, 10.

Since June 2002 the head of the center has been Dr. Irina Dmitriyevna Donskaya.

Dr. Dovzhenko and Svetlana Lvovna Donskaya
Dr. Dovzhenko and
Svetlana Lvovna Donskaya


Dr. Dovzhenko and Irina Dmitriyevna Donskaya
Dr. Dovzhenko and
Irina Dmitriyevna Donskaya
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