"If you won’t get rid of the addiction,
it will get rid of you."
(popular proverb)

We are glad to welcome you here and we do hope we will develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

You will find abundant information on our private unitary enterprise «Human Potential», the specialists working here and the methods we use to treat alcohol and nicotine addictions, overweight and neuroses. You will also find our patients’ feedback, on our work and some useful advice to those seeking help and those who have already undergone some treatment and are eager to live a full and healthy life.

We can see how people who come to us suffer from the diseases that undermine their health, break up their families and bring along their friends and relatives much pain. Our specialists are eager to help those who need healing.

We would also like to address the friends and relatives of those who suffer from alcohol- , drug-, nicotine- and food addiction and various neuroses – they need your helping hand and are looking for the way out of the dreadful diseases they suffer from.

Together we shall overcome!

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