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Irina and Svetlana Donskiye
Irina and Svetlana Donskiye

Dr. Donskaya Svetlana Lvovna and Dr. Donskaya Irina Dmitriyevna, followers of Dr. A.R. Dovzhenko, a popular doctor in the USSR, have been applying the Dr. Dovzhenko stress combat therapy in treating addictions such as alcohol and nicotine as well as overweight for 25 years. Thousands of people have turned back to a sober way of life, whereas their families have regained piece and stability.

Dr. Donskaya S.L. and dr. Donskaya I.D. are first class certified specialists in narcology and psychiatry, authors of numerous research papers on narcology, participants of various international conferences on addiction treatment in Moscow, Harkov, USA, Israel and Sweden.

Addiction treatment by the Dr. Dovzhenko stress combat therapy has been proved effective by the follow-up patient observation: over 85% of patients have ceased alcohol abuse.

Specialists of the PUE ‘Human Potential’ are applying a modified method to the treatment of addictive behaviors (alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction and food addiction) by the Dr. Dovzhenko stress combat therapy and family therapy and the addictive behavior relapse preventive method. We provide active education for the patients’ families. We are guiding them in building relationships within the addicts’ families. Besides after the treatment has been given we keep up active supervision of the patients monthly within the first year and then once a year.

One of the steps in treatment of alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction and food addiction is coding. You can learn more about coding if you click here.

You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone: (+375-17) 237-54-43, (+375-17) 237-52-09, (+375-29)1-401-501.

We are situated at: 220113, Minsk , Logoysky trakt, 10.

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