Treatment of alcohol addiction

"Mankind could make much progress if they were sober."

Treatment of alcohol addiction

For treatment of alcohol addiction you need:
1. Willingness to get rid of the addiction;
2. Total abstinence from alcohol, including medicine containing ethanol 5-10 days before treatment;
3. Abstinence from drinking tea or coffee, eating chocolate, taking sleeping pills and painkillers 3-4 days before treatment.


Recommendations after treatment:
1. NO alcohol beverages - spirits, long drinks, brews – are allowed.
2. NO medicine containing ethanol is allowed. It should all be replaced with tablets and powders.
3. NO mouthwash or spray containing ethanol is allowed. Your dentist should be informed.
4. Skin disinfection with ethanol and general anesthesia is allowed.
5. One should take certain precautions at parties. No one may pour you drinks but you. Make you sure they do not contain alcohol. Within a year after treatment avoid parties.


Patient’s responsibilities after treatment:
1. A patient is under a dynamic supervision within a year after treatment; visits to a doctor are obligatory within 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after treatment and 1 visit per year afterwards.
2. You should immediately visit a doctor for enhanced therapeutic coding in case:
 - you have strong desire to take alcohol drinks or spirits, medicine containing ethanol, or other liquids containing ethanol;
 - you have night dreams of drinking alcohol;
 - there have been troubles, conflicts or other events that might cause the slightest desire to drink.

In case an alcohol drink has by chance or deliberately been taken by a patient who has undergone treatment, he/she should drink lot of water, cause vomiting, clean up his/her stomach and visit a narcologist for de-coding immediately.



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