Treatment of food addiction

"The stomach is a slave that must accept everything that is given to it,
but which avenges wrongs as slyly as does the slave."
(Emile Souvester)

Treatment of food addiction


The headline sounds rather disturbing, doesn’t it? If epidemic is a catastrophe not subject to human power then anyone could be involved. Is there a way out? There should be! Obesity, as well as overweight, is what you are, too, responsible for. Just a handful of cases are caused by disease, the rest of them are due to a mere food addiction. So when it comes down to eating the first part of the proverb (Eat to live but not live to eat) is somehow missed out and only the last is left - ‘live to eat’ which means food makes us happier, our feasts jollier, it makes boredom disappear and loneliness not so oppressive. All of this is a vicious food circle. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization, more than a billion people suffer from overweight.

Our weight-reducing method will make you take control of the food you are eating. And that will be your start! You are going to make it!


You can see if you are overweight by calculating your body weight indicator, or BWI:

     Your weight (kg)
BWI = ------------------------
          {Your height (m)}²

When BWI is 25 or less you are regular weight.

When BMI is over 25 you are overweight.

When BMI is over 30 it’s obesity.

We are here for you who have decided upon fighting off overweight and obesity.


Many dream of losing some weight and I know how hard it is. Still there is a chance, for I have been dealing with the problem for over 18 years. One should take responsibility for that and prepare oneself for hard work. Just ask yourself ‘What do I do it for? (Why should I lose weight?)’. One should have a major reason ahead. You have a stimulus at last, you are motivated and willing to step forward…How about making some effort? You will have to reconsider your lifestyle. Are you ready? The only way is to take the decision and get down to following it.

There is a strong connection in the chain: Stimulus-Motive-Strong wish – Willingness to make effort – Decision making – Action.

Before coming for a therapy session on overweight, keep from taking food for 36 hours and drink plain (or mineral unsweetened) water.


We have come to the conclusion that obesity and overweight are addictions, which means that the root of the problem lies beneath your head, your consciousness. Pull out the root and you will solve the problem. That’s why I use the unique, modified Dr. Dovzhenko stress combat therapy to treat food addiction.

During a session a patient being under entrancement is loaded with new information codes picked up within his willingness to lose weight. These codes are linked to the patient’s potentials thus affecting both his body and mind to reduce weight (see ‘Coding’).

As a result:
1. Reduce of pathologically active appetite of your mind.
2. Balance of digestion.
3. Increased metabolism.
4. Increased body activity.
5. The ‘overeating enjoyment’ code erased.

As with any other therapy, you have to take necessary precautions with:
1. psychic diseases in clinical stadium.
2. oncological diseases.
3. diabetes insulin dependence.
4. administration of corticosteroid hormones.
5. pregnancy.

In the above mentioned cases the therapy may not be followed.
All our patients are being supervised within a year after the treatment.


More than 6 thousand patients with nutrition disorders have been treated at the center for the last 18 years. In 91% of cases, all of them have achieved their goals and lost weight. A major thing is that they easily keep their new weight balance. And it is mainly due to the introduction of a rehabilitation programme within the Dr. Dovzhenko stress combat therapy, which includes:
1. Simple and reasonable nutrition schedule. And it shouldn’t be mixed with a diet or ‘another diet’. Reasonable nutrition schedule is what you simply do in your daily life like crossing the street or observing traffic rules.
2. Educating patients by teaching them methods of self-intensified psychological anti-appetite coding.

In October 2008 one of the patients sent us a letter with her photos showing the results of the treatment.

«Dear Irina, this letter is just a mere attempt to express that gratitude I feel which could hardly be translated into any language.

For many years in a row I suffered from overweight. I tried all possible diets, but each time I gained even more weight I had lost.

Ten years ago I got into a terrible accident and was bound to a wheel-chair for long, and that aggravated my overweight problems.

It has been a year and a half since I underwent the food-addiction treatment and I have been losing weight ever since. The major thing is that my life is no longer ruled by food!!!

I am very grateful to you for teaching me how to keep on living a healthy life and first time in 40 years keeping myself under control. Food shall never overcome. I am a healthy person and keep walking with my head held high!»

The patient’s photos before and after the treatment:
(born in 1968, height 1,65 cm)

 before - in 2007 – weight 128 kiloafter - in 2008 – weight 84 kilo (-44 kilo)

   in 2007 – weight 128 kilo              in 2008 - weight 84 kilo (-44 kilo)


2. The patient’s photos before and after the treatment:

 before the treatmentafter the treatment

    before - weight 82 kilo                        after - weight 56 kilo (-26 kilo)


Impressed? Call us!

Dr. I. Donskaya


For treatment of food addiction:
1. Patient’s eagerness to get rid of the addiction;
2. Keep from eating 36 hours before therapy, drink plain water.

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