Donskaya Irina Dmitriyevna

Donskaya Irina Dmitriyevna

Donskaya Irina Dmitriyevna, is the director of the Private Unitary Enterprise ‘Human Potential’ and a first-class narcologist.

She has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Since 1990 the doctor has followed the Dr. Dovzhenko stress combat therapy giving special attention to treating nutrition disorder patients.

The doctor is a member of the National Psychiatrist and Psychologist Association, a Dovzhenko prize-winner of the International temperance league.

Dr. Donskaya follows professional training courses on a regular basis, she has also participated pant of various international conferences on ‘Healthy lifestyle’ held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Harkov, Lithuania. USA, Sweden and Israel.

She is the author of 15 research papers on the subject.


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